Welcome to Rock On tube amp repair!

Who are we?

Rock On!

Rock On is a small business located in Westfield Massachusetts, specializing in maintenance, repair and modification of guitar tube amplifiers. 

We love the old tube amplifiers, whether they're Fender, Marshall, Gibson, Vox, Laney and many more. Just no Solid State please, thank you. No disrespect for them, but frankly, it typically costs more to fix them, than they're worth, in most cases. 

What we do!

Let us transform your tube amplifier  back to the amplifier it once was, like when you first bought it. Or, we can install a new modification to give you a new tone or increase gain/drive! 

We love Amps!

Give us a call! We love talking about amps! We're musicians too and we know the feeling of seeing that old amp, remembering the good times with it, wanting to use it again or desiring a new/different tone. Maybe you want to get it checked out to sell. It doesn't cost anything to discuss the possibilities! 


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Rock On Tube Amp Repair

126 Elm St. Westfield, MA 01085, US

(413) 250-6519


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: Closed